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How to Upload a File or Image Using the Notion API

Want to add your own file or image to a database or page in Notion using their API? Unfortunately this is not (officially) supported yet: "For files and URLs hosted outside of Notion, we support retrieving the link as well as updating it to a different link. We don't currently support uploading files to Notion through the API , however, for files already uploaded to Notion, we support retrieving the file URL." - However, there is a workaround we could use - base64 data URIs . If those work for page icons, then there's no reason why they can't work for file uploads right? Unfortunately this is not the case. When I tried using a base64 data URI directly in their API this is what I got back: { "object" : "error" , "status" : 400 , "code" : "validation_error" , "message" : "Content creation Failed.

Software as a 4D Construct

Last week, before a regular one-to-one meeting with the head of product and technology at my company, I came to a realisation - what if software is a 4D construct? Generally when you think of a project, you tend to think of something that progresses in only one direction, for example, designing and building a house. While I am not an architect nor a builder, I imagine the process goes something like this: Surveyors go to the site and assess and provide specifications and details about the land. An architect gathers inspiration for what the house should look like from the customer, generates some ideas and iterates on them until both they and (more so) the customer are happy and in agreement. A structural engineer checks over the designs and schematics provided by the architect to ensure that the structure is safe and free of critical defects. The tradesmen come on site and build said house using the provided designs. Once the house is built, you would argue that it's comple