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Review: GitHub Copilot Technical Preview

About a month ago, I got invited to the GitHub Copilot Technical Preview . It is essentially code autocomplete on steroids for Visual Studio Code - behind the scenes it's built upon an OpenAI machine learning model named Codex, which was trained using public code from GitHub repositories and Stack Overflow answers. It works with a variety of languages - so far I've mainly used it with JavaScript code. Usage is fairly simple - once you install the plugin from the VS Code Extensions Marketplace, you just need to login with your GitHub account - this is to ensure that you're eligible to access the technical preview. Since it collects usage data for improvement, a nice feature that it has is that it's automatically disabled when inside of anything that could be some sort of config or secrets file - for me, when I was in GitHub Actions yaml files and also .env files, it was disabled. Once you're in a file it's already running - as you write code documentation and

Tech Culture Fatigue

Having a bit of a knack with technology as a kid had me wanting to work in the field when I got older, and the future was looking so bright - we were meant to propel the world forward, solve big ticket problems and make things more accessible for everyone. However, being at that point now, I am left somewhat jaded (a bit of an understatement). Web 1.0: the web is for sharing information! Web 2.0: but what if we could make money too? Web 3.0: the web is only for making money. — foone (@Foone) November 2, 2021 Originally when what was dubbed "Web 1.0" came around, the world wide web was a bleeding edge concept. Only those lucky enough to have access to a computer with the right networking setup could use it. Pages were incredibly simple, consisting of mostly text and hyperlinks - ways to click around to get to other pages, whether they be your own or someone else's. There was no Google, and everyone was happy about just being able to get information out there to other