Running Honk on Alpine Linux

(Originally written Monday, 14 November 2022)

With all the recent talk about the fediverse now that Twitter is on fire, I decided to give it a go by running my own instance. There's a lot of benefits to this - considering that you're joining a decentralised social networking system, you might as well own your data, and also start with a clean slate - you don't need to worry about other servers having already blocked the server that you're only just getting set up on.

I decided to go with an AWS t3a.nano instance running Alpine Linux for my server, and I'll be running Honk on it - this is a minimalist web application written in Go that interfaces with the rest of the fediverse using ActivityPub (the underlying standard that powers Mastodon, Pleroma, Akkoma, Misskey, etc.)


The AMI I used can be found below - up to date ones can always be found on the Alpine website below. Just ensure that your security group has TCP/80 and TCP/443 open to the world :)

AMI Image I Used
Latest Alpine Cloud Images

The Gist with the scripts and configs can be found here

If all has gone well, when you load your domain you should get the purple Honk interface, and be able to log in. :)